Can you reference an endnote more than once?

Yes, but the first endnotes must contain the complete reference of the source (i.e., author name, title, city of publication and publishers (in parentheses), the date of the publication and the page number(s) while subsequent references should be shortened to include only the author name, abbreviated title and page number or author and page number […]

Is it normal to get accepted to college early?

By definition, getting accepted early (or late) to a college is not normal since it deviates from the average ages (17 to 19 years) for admission, but getting accepted to college early is not abnormal in the sense that something is wrong. In fact, there are around 450 colleges that accept early admission applications from […]

Which of the following should your thesis statement achieve?

Question Which of the following should your thesis statement achieve? It should specify the point of the research. All of these are correct. It should provide unity and a sense of direction. It should set the argument and focus the entire paper. Answer ( B ) This question focuses on what a thesis statement should […]

Which essay editing software or website is the best?

It was not that long ago when essay editing meant manually retyping an entire page (or entire paper), but things have changed dramatically over the past 30 years and there are now numerous open source and commercial software applications available that can assist in the editing process. For example, students may not know about Microsofts […]

I have a page of an essay due in 7 hours that I havent started yet. How should I do it?

You want to start by coming up with a solid topic for your essay and then locate some quality sources on your topic so you can research. Google Scholar and LexisNexis are some great options for finding information on your topic. You can also find periodicals at your local on university library. With any essay you […]

What is the meaning of 4000 bytes limit when writing an essay?

Digital files are measured in terms of bytes (usually consisting of eight bits) and a standard single-spaced page of text will contain about 4000 bytes. A good rule of thumb for estimating how many words or pages are contained in 4000 bytes is one byte per word. Therefore, if your essay contains an average of […]

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