Where can I find topic-wise Cambridge A-level past papers?

Students who are searching for topics from past A-level papers have a number of sources available to them, but care should be taken when using these model papers to ensure that they are properly cited as a source (if they are used) or are otherwise revised to the extent that plagiarism-detection services will not identify […]

What is an introduction paragraph?

As the term connotes, an introduction paragraph introduces a papers main points by gaining the audiences interest and then summarizing its purpose in the form of a thesis statement. While every instance will be unique in some way, an introduction paragraph should include the aforementioned opening statement, which can assume the form of a quotation, […]

What is research?

Some common definitions of research as a noun include:  the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions and, more simply, investigate thoroughly. Likewise, research as a verb connotes similar definitions, including investigate systematically and discover facts by investigation. In other words, research can be […]

What do college admissions officers want to see in a supplemental essay?

First and foremost, you should carefully review the admission requirements for supplemental admissions essays to ensure they conform to the colleges guidelines. If the guidelines stipulate a word or page limit, be absolutely certain to stay within these limits. Second, admissions officers want to see evidence that you possess the critical thinking skills that are […]

I have to submit a term paper on cryptography. What kind of topic can I choose?

There are a number of interesting topics that are related to cryptography (Greek for secret writing), including classic cryptography. For example, in 400 BCE, the ancient Spartans were the first to employ a type of cryptography that used a scytale which was used to wrap a piece of parchment around it so that a message […]

What is the difference between research questions and research objectives?

Many students ask this question. Research questions are those questions upon which your research project will be focused and for which timely and informed answers can be directly developed based on an analysis of the data you collect. For example, if your topic is the pros and cons of legalized marijuana, an appropriate corresponding research […]

Sample Essay

After military engineering, civil engineering is the oldest engineering field, so there are plenty of topics available for this field, including an analysis of the history of the discipline. Students may also want to select a civil engineering topic based on their classroom discussions, areas of personal interest, based on specific assignment guidelines or using […]

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