[Solved] a place where the sea remembers book

Sandra Benitez book” A PLACE WHERE THE SEA REMEMBERS” introduces us to the struggles of the residents of a small village in Santiago, Mexico. This book is filled of love and anger, tragedy and hope. Each character faces a conflict that affects the course of his or her life. The characters in this conflict are Remedios, the healer, of the small town who listens to people’s stories and gives them advice. Than, Marta a 16 year old teenage girl who was raped and became pregnant. Chayo is Marta’s big sister and Calendario is Chayo’s husband. Also Justo Flores who was a birdman had a conflict with person vs. elf. One of the most important conflicts in this story would be person vs. person than person vs. supernatural followed by person vs. self. Marta was raped at a young age, so she wants’ to have an abortion. As she talks about it, Calendario (brother in-law) promised her that he and Chayo would take care of her baby when he’s born, for he had been promoted to the salad maker in town. But than everything change when Chayo and Calendario were blessed with a child they thought they would never have. Since Chayo was about to have a baby of her own and she refuses to take care of Marta’s baby.

So that’s when the conflict begins between Marta and Chayo. Marta disappointed of her sister selfishness goes with the brujo to put a spell on her sister’s son. But than Marta regret doing that and went back with Remedios to undo the spell. When Chayo find out about her sister betrayal they didn’t spoke for years. There’s was hard feelings going on between the 2 through the story, and Marta sister still thinks the curse is there after 4 years. Also Marta had a second conflict; person vs. supernatural. Marta went to see Remedios the Curandera to help her with her problem. Remedios knew what had happened to Marta before she had spoken.

She knew that she was raped in the beach against her will. When Marta told her about her problem and asked if she could help her Remedios refused to do it. Marta’s dream was to go to El Paso So than she when to see Calendario and she find out that it was her own sister who didn’t want to take care of he child but she was having one of her own. Marta took care of her own child, and learns how to deal with the fact; he came from a rape but by in the end there’s a twist of fate. Marta took care of her own child, and learns how to deal with the fact; he came from a rape but by in the end there’s a twist of fate.

Remedios had seen Marta’s future. She had seen these 4 years before, when the boy was only movement in his mother’s womb. She knew that her child was going to die. She remember when marta ha The conflict of person vs. person begins with Don Justo Flores (birdman), goes to the beach to sell. Each day, people at the beach pay to see the birds perform tricks. Don Gustavo was a lonely man but he had a story. He had to wives and five children, including Justina, his first, and Ernestina, his fifth. Suddenly he receives a telegraph. He suspected it was bad new but he could read. He hopes the telegraph is from justina saying all is forgiven.

So as he walks in the beach as usually and that’s when she founds a girl named Rita and asked to pick her fortune. Than Don Justo asked the guy next to her to read him the telegraph. The guy told him it was bad news and he read “come home at once, papa. Justina is gone from us. So than he gather his things up and goes to town for tequila and he blames himself for not being a good father and not been there for justina when she was a little girl. Back home, accusing look in Rita’s eyes remind him of the past. He’d allowed his second wife to turn Justina out the house. He couldn’t stand the pain.

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