[Solved] airasias self check in kiosks

AirAsia has launched Self Check-In service in 2010. At the beginning the Self Check-In services were placed at LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) in Kuala Lumpur airport, Malaysia. Self Check-In service is an innovation which helps customers with a more convenient and faster way to check –in. this innovation also help the airport runs more smooth and save costs. There are two ways of Check-In: Web Check-In and Self Check-In Kiosks in airport. Web Check-In Web Check-In allows customers go to AirAsia’s check-in website to use online self check-in service. Web Check-In is available for individuals, or group bookings with up to 50 guests.

Customer only needs to choose departure and type in booking number to check-in. And then you need a printer to print the ticket. If you have baggage to check-in, drop your baggage at the Self Check-In Counter at least 60 minutes prior to the boarding time. The online check-in process only takes about 5 minutes which means once you have Internet you can easily check-in without waiting. Self Check-In Kiosks Self Check-In kiosks in the airport is available below 6 hours prior and 1 hour before the scheduled departure time. Customer needs the details of travel itinerary to check-in.

Key in the booking number first and customer will see the itinerary and then customer taps confirm icon to print the ticket. Then customer can stamp Boarding Pass anytime at Document Check Counter to get to Boarding Gate. The whole process takes about 5 minutes too (without waiting in line). This innovation is just a start of Self Check-In since it also needs to be fostered. One of the defective points is that not every customer is benefit from this innovation. For instance, customers with reduce mobility or special needs cannot use Web Check-In, so this innovation is actually not available for them.

And sometime, customers with less computer experience like old people could go to fake website and get varies that steal their important information in the computer and cause some serious loss. As for the Self Check-In kiosks in the airport, customers are not familiar with the kiosks, so it takes more time as average to check-in and even make mistakes sometime. This could slow down the efficiency of the usage of Self Check-In kiosks, so detail instruction and the improvement of the interface is necessarily needed. And same as the Web Check-In service, Self Check-In kiosks also need more functions for the customers who have special needs.

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