[Solved] animal farm 16 essay sample 3

They have also made up 7 commandments that all animals on the farm must live by. They use the phrase “four legs good, two legs bad,” to remember the 7 commandments. They use this because not all animals on the farm can read, but Sense the rebellion a lot Of them have learned, Or have learned few letters of the alphabet. The pigs can read and write perfectly. They have made the majority of animals to believe that they are the most intelligent animals on the farm, so they should be in charge. Instead of Mr.. Jones telling the animals what to do, the pigs make the decisions.

All the animals are happy because they get to live their lives without the humans. The animals work for the pigs without questioning their authority. They are happy because the pigs watch as the hard working animals (like boxer for example) does all the work. Boxer now believes that Napoleon is always right, so he does whatever he wishes. Some animals decide to leave the farm (Molly for example), but most animals have stayed loyal to the farm and put forward a lot of hard work and dedication. Even though they have taken over the farm, the animals work just as hard, if to harder than they did before the rebellion.

Also the farm still has a leader; it has changed from Mr.. Jones to Napoleon. Not a lot of things have remained how they were before the rebellion. All animals still feel happy to live their lives without the humans making them there slaves. Over all, most things have changed about Manor farm. Some I believe are for the better and some for the worse. I don’t feel it’s fair that the pigs get too tell all of the other animals what to do, but I do believe the rebellion was a good thing.

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