[Solved] autobiographical story of mark mathabane

Kaffir Boy

Kaffir boy is written by Mark Mathabane as an autobiography which is in point of fact the narration of the story by the author himself. It is a story of a boy who struggle his life through the jungles of Africa. This is a story of the struggles of a well-known and esteemed tennis player. He was a black who had faced the cruelty and ferocity of his system. He was wretched of the cruel system in his society and he decided to run away from there. He than went to a tennis academy named ‘Alexandra’. There he practiced very hard and became a well known tennis player all over the world. This was not so easy for him to get to the level he did as he was a black and racism is not yet over. This is the story in which the boy has to deal with the racism. In this it is been described how the boy moulds with the matter of racism. Racism is never been killed from this wholly world so in any part of the world there is a case of racism. Blacks are considered as inferior and the whites consider them self superior. Now black and white is not only about the color of a person. It goes far beyond it. It is actually about the culture and the tribal areas they are related to. If a person comes to England from the Indian sub-continent, he is considered inferior. Same is the case for the Africans. They if go to America are considered inferior.

The author lived with his family out of Jonesburg in a ghetto, which is a minority covered area. This minority may be because of some restricted anxiety. It can also subsist for the reason that any meticulous differences. It can also be because of any monetary problem which means it is a underprivileged family. It is a diminutive town or can be portrays as a parish where the population rate as compare to the area is very high. The author was enthusing by a tennis player ‘Arthur Ashe’ who was a Wimbledon winner. Wimbledon is a grand slam of tennis which is in England. He was so much prejudiced and prompted by that player and decided to be a tennis player. As he was from a meager family and he don’t have money for even fulfill his basics so he couldn’t afford the fees of any tennis academy. He then migrated to America where in order to make any chance of even getting closer to be a tennis player. He even if had no money for tennis but he had diverse plans. He set a novel for a university who eventually accepted it on compensation of the tennis coaching. Incidentally he became a tournament winner for his university and became an acclaimed player. Then the summit of racism rose as he was forbidden in the courts where black people use to play as he had played in the courts of white tennis players. Later he was helped by some of the celebrities who helped him out in an admission of an American player with scholarship.

The book has an immense title as it didn’t was extraneous from the material it contained. The topic was recounting what the book is all about. It actually is not portrayed as a stupid title. There was another book with the title ‘the Irish turned into white’. It was also a story typically based on racism and how racism distresses a life a person. The title was well thought-out a thoughtless one as it was saying a white color to change in a white color making no sense. As the Irish are themselves according to the grapevine whiter than the Americans so the title makes no wisdom. As measure up to to this example the order is painstaking as a well thought one. The way of articulating of views of the author is remarkable as it is done with greater vocabulary power and expressions. This in fact escorts the reader like me merely to harmonize. It feels as the writer is fully devoted to his novel and makes a reader to be impressed and influenced. The writer is gazed at as a hard worker and a devoted person, who is devoted to his work.

His most influential readings were regarding the description and accounting of the racism. The way he was expressed the white and the black people are actually remarkable. He had described different white people of different countries with an exceptional expressing power. White is not the color of the skin but the living standards of different people. This is the source of putting light on the lives of the black people of the minorities near the Johannesburg. In this novel the curtain is taken off from the real part of the minorities. This shows what the ferocity the people of minorities have to face. It also tells what the injustice is done to the people of these minorities. It also tells how these blacks face problems of starvation and struggle.

He actually is a powerful voice for these minority people where there is only ferocity cruelness. No one thinks betterment of others. All are bothered about there future and there food. They just want is that they should get money so that they could survive. There is no concept of humanly atmosphere in these areas. This is the real reason behind there no brotherly relationships. Countries are supporting racism which makes these people to be a prey of this matter. The author is acting as a voice power for these areas making different countries realize the disadvantages of this racism. The author is trying to awaken different countries about the issue of racism. He is trying to tell that there are countries stating that they support humanity but this sort of issues proves that they are not. For example America declares that there is humanity to be all over the world and that there is equality but actually they are not doing it as blacks are considered inferior and white are called the superior most. These are some good points of this novel. Now there are some bad points of the novel as well. These include mostly the factor of prostitution factor and the factor of sexual scenes present in the novel.

The author primarily squabbles on the subject of racism. The racism is extremely widespread now days. People want to be acquainted with why there are divergences between the two colors of people. He articulates that if the two people are of same creation than why they are not given the same rights. As black are given fewer rights as evaluated to the whites. He utters that why this rule common in the world is that if a person is from a poor family than why they couldn’t dream superior. Then there is an additional point that is if blacks are gifted to do well in the communities of white they are not allowed to come back in black community. Why is this so that if a person is ending to a superior category and from a community his relatives hate, they forbid them from coming back to their own community.

It contained material regarding children prostitution. This was not convenient enough to make the kids read about it. Prostitution matter is not to be discussed amongst children as they are too young to know anything about it or related to it so in order to keep the children away from this matter. It actually contains sexual scenes which is not suitable for the young of the society to read. There is a reason behind it that is to show the real sight of South African black people life. This is how book is reviewed and considered. It mainly deals with the racism factor and the real life of blacks of South Africa. Although it is a huge success as a product but still there is a negative point for kids to read it. According to some internet research the book was banned in most of the schools because of its sexual material. It has a number of positive points in the novel. Although there are some negative points as well but it is common.

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