[Solved] battle of kamalpur

BATTLE OF KAMALPUR INTRODUCTION 1. 1971 a new country was born in the earth named “ Bangladesh ” through a nine month bloody war . Thousands of golden sons of this soil had to embrace martyrdom . Though this historical event took place in the year of 1971 but this was a long charted dream of all the Bangles since the fall freedom in the “ Battle of Palashi ” in 1957 . Bangles thought that their dream was going to be materialized during the partition in 1947 . But it appeared in more frustrating way for the negligence of the Pakistan government in all aspects.

This latent desire was exposed as a volcanic eruption in 25 march 1971 when Pakistan Army carried a plan genocide all over the country . They attacked the innocent people of the Bangladesh like hungry Hayna and killed thousand of people in one single night . They thought they would be able to smash the dream of freedom of Bangles to the ground . But they were certainly wrong . Instead of bowing down to the evil force people of Bangladesh turn around and stood against it with what so ever they could get as weapon .

Which ultimately force the “ Mukti Bahini ” composed of people from all walks of life . Unlike many countries Bangladesh was not given freedom rather we have earned it through many fighting and many battle against the well equipped regular force of Pakistan . Among those the Battle of Kamalpur occupied a very important place in the history of liberation war of Bangladesh . Till that time liberation forces kept themselves restricted within the limit of defensive role and minor guerilla operation .

After raising , first regular “ Brigade ” the Z Force , it carried out first major offensive morale and confidence of Mukti Bahini , Which ultimately contributed to take on number of offensive action against a regular force and earn the victory . 44. Kamalpur was only a small battle in the war of liberation . But in this small battle Mukti Bahini demonstrated its ability to fight . There was no dearth of brave man to shed their blood for their shonar Bangla .

The young leader of Bangladesh demonstrated that they could stomach the hard realities of war , they had the will to lead their inexperienced , ill-equipped and hurriedly trained people forward into battle . In the final reckoning they had the ultimate courage to show their men how to die for their country . Anx : A. Location of Kamalpur . BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. The Documents of the Liberation War of Bangladesh part 10. 2. AGAROTY SECTOR BIJOY KHAHINI by Major Rafiqul Islam, psc 3. Witness to Surrender by Siddique Salik. 4. Military History precis of BMA.

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