[Solved] belmont state bank

Belmont State Bank is a large bank with hundreds of branches that are connected to a central computer system. Some branches are connected over dedicated circuits and others use the dial-up telephone network. Each branch has a variety of client computers and ATMs connected to a server. The server stores the branch’s daily transaction data and transmits it several times during the day to the central computer system. Tellers at each branch use a four-digit numeric password, and each teller’s computer is transaction-coded to accept only its authorized transactions.

Perform a risk assessment. 1. System and server may have delayed data because of update not in timely. 2. Business continuity can be interrupted by disruptions that are minor and temporary, but some may also result in the destruction of data. 3. Password are too short and seldom changed, it will be a vulnerability of entire system and lack of overload handling mechanism. 4. Messages transmission between all branches must be forwarded by central computer system, under this kind of situation; it is easy to concentrate on a centralized attack by latching and invading the server. Additionally, messages are forwarded by centralized server cost too much bandwidth. Malicious attacks will cause the bandwidth bottlenecks on the server-side and buffer overflow at the same time.

I. Computer Dynamics

Computer Dynamics is a microcomputer software development company that has a 300-computer network. The company is located in three adjacent five-story buildings in an office park, with about 100 computers in each building. The current network is a poorly designed mix of Ethernet and token ring (Ethernet in two buildings and token ring in the other). The networks in all three buildings are heavily overloaded, and the company anticipates significant growth in network traffic. There is currently no network connection among the buildings, but this is one objective in building the new network. Describe the network you would recommend and how it would be configured with the goal of building a new network that will support the company’s needs for the next 3 years with few additional investments. Be sure to include the devices and type of network circuits you would use. You will need to make some assumptions, so be sure to document your assumptions and explain why you have designed the network in this way.

In my personal recommend, At first, don’t use Ethernet and token ring anymore, use switch instead of it. Secondly, use switches to connect all computers to a main router for the gateway so that traffic will flow through the router and then connect to VLANs to reduce overhead in each building. At last, move parts of computers in average to different buildings.

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