[Solved] better boston beans

  1. With this particular case study I will discuss several questions and facts regarding Better Boston Beans.
  2. A brief summary of the case.
  3. Briefly explain the Six Pillars of Character.
  4. Evaluate the actions of the parties from the perspective of six pillars of character.

evaluate the actions from the perspective of Kohlberg’s six stages of moral development and what ethical reasoning can you develop from this case? The case takes place in a coffee shop located in Boston’s famous Faneuil Hall Marketplace called Better Boston Beans. In this particular case Cindi is a recent college …show more content…

However, because Lyndell is leaving early on a regular basis he is violating every aspect of The Six Pillars of Character. He is taking advantage of Cindi’s newness as well as the fact that she has not mentioned his absence to the manager. In doing so he is violating the precepts of Fairness, Respect and Trustworthiness. By not obeying the company rules of being there for this full shift and doing his job he is violating Citizenship, Trustworthiness and Responsibility.

Cindi’s actions are more of a gray area as some of her actions while technically violating The Six Pillars of Character do have backing of another pillar for the reasoning behind them. Where she does violate some of the pillars it is glaringly clear and I will address this first. In not reporting that Lyndell is leaving his shift early she violates Trustworthiness and Respect. Companies expect you to notify management if there is violation of the company rules and she is not being honest by saying anything at all.

By not notifying the manager that Lyndell is failing to stay for his entire shift, she is being disrespectful of the manager’s authority and not obeying the rules she is violating the Pillar of Citizenship. As I previously indicated there is a gray area. In saying that Lyndell was sick and had to leave early Cindi did violate Trustworthiness and Respect on behalf of the customer but in doing so she.

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