[Solved] contribution of scientist and artist

All the individuals stay in this world have always gained the welfare from their society, while at the same breath committed themselves to the society and make various significant contributions to it.

While artists improve people’s mental life by the reflection of their times and culture to the future generations or the entertainment that their works can bring to the human, scientists’ impacts also is significance for their achievements in the field of diet or medicine. Personally, I believe that scientists’ contribution is more valued in my society – Vietnam, a developing country.Artists play a major role in people’s mental life. Artists have the capability of soothing the minds of the people.

This is a very important aspect that enables people to relax and calm down, especially in their fast life styles. For example, when driving home after strenuous hours in office, people usually play their stereo set up in the car to listen to the songs of their favorite singer because these songs relax them before they reach home that they can enter home with a fresh mind.Moreover, artists can help the future generations understand deeply the past through myriad of works. Besides artists’ impacts on people’s mental life, scientists help to develop the quality of physical life of members in the society.

For example, starvation, one of the greatest enemies of people’s lives in the past, has been eliminated by the scientists through their breathtaking work. They have already developed a multitude of grain seeds which bear modified genes that improve the production.In addition, significant advances have been made in the medical field through myriad of researches conducted by the scientists. People now can control various dangerous diseases that could be cured fifty years ago.

For instance, the Hispanic epidemic in 1919 witnessed hundreds of thousands of people suffering from flu. However, nowadays, we have vaccines for the flu which have helped us to prevent ourselves from such catastrophes.Although artists make significant contributions, I think in scientists’ impacts are more valued in Vietnam. In my country, an agricultural country, the inventions play a major role in the productivity of work.

Moreover, almost people there are poor that quality of life is one of the worst in the world. Therefore, the contributions of scientists are so significant because how can people be happy only by listening to mellifluous songs with the hunger?

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