[Solved] could the american revolution been avoided

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “No gains without pain. ” This could not be more of a true statement when speaking of the American Revolution. There are so many factors that are said to have caused it, that it’s hard to determine what never needed to happen. Because of the French and Indian War, the British were suffering from debt. They needed the find a way out; therefore, new laws and acts were established. If the British would have treated the colonists as friends instead of their instant way out of dept, we could have never seen independence.

Another reason that the American Revolution couldn’t have been avoided; because the colonists had already learned to fight, were tired of British rule, and wanted to be self sufficient. If they were to stay under British control, this could not happen. Finally, we had Adams, who demanded absolute independence from Great Britain, and Jefferson, who will be remembered for it. Without them, there wouldn’t have been independent colonies. There were many things that happened in the 1700’s that are often linked to the cause of the American Revolution; however, most of them stemmed from paying for the French-Indian War.

After the war, in 1763, the British were starting to feel the damage that followed the war. In order to raise money to pay off these costly debts, Parliament began to pass a series of taxes, acts, and other laws which caused a massive uproar from the colonists who were forced to pay and tolerate them. Because the British didn’t back off and find other ways to pay off their debt, it forced the colonists to rebel and take up arms to fight back. The British used the American colonies to pay for its war with France, through unfair taxation.

Eventually, the people would revolt. If you push hard enough, they will fight back. Since everything was being taxed at high prices in the colonies, the tables were bound to turn. This is another reason as to why I believe that American Revolution could not be avoided. Britain refused to recognize the colonies as anything under their personal property to use as they see it. Even if the British accepted some ideas of the colonies and were a little more opened minded to the colonists, the war couldn’t have been avoided because the colonies wanted to become independent.

They wanted to break away from the king. By this time, their patience was growing thin and the power that the king had was being abused. Lastly, we had two important people who helped the colonies colonize, which was John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. In 1761, John Adams began to think and write and act against British measures that he believed infringed on colonial liberties. Thomas Jefferson was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence, although his first draft was amended after consultation with Benjamin Franklin and John Adams and changed by Congress.

Jefferson’s reference to the commitment of colonists to the crown was struck; also deleted was a part that censured the monarchy for striking slavery upon America. They had two powerful people fighting for the independence for the colonies. In conclusion, this is why I feel as though the American Revolution couldn’t have been avoided. The British were suffering from debt; the colonists had already learned to fight; and they had two important and strong leaders. If you push something hard enough, it will fight back. This is what caused the American Revolution. In my opinion, I would say it was inevitable.

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