[Solved] dont eat this book by morgan spurlock

In today’s society companies and marketers main focus is persuading their customers into living a specific lifestyle. People are being manipulated into buying and feeding into the illusion companies are trying to sale. In the articles “Do You Want Lies with That? ” in Don’t Eat This Book by Morgan Spurlock and “Escalating Dining: Is Mall Food Becoming Class? ” Slate by Sara Dickerman both authors discuss the high effort from marketers to get people to live a certain way. The sellers of these products spend millions of dollars in the hopes of attracting consumers.

Whether it is marketing a product or reconstructing a restaurant, marketers are always doing something to make their investment more attractive to consumers. Today Manufactures do whatever they have to do to get their products sold, even if it involves lying and spending billions of dollars in marketing said product. Spurlock discusses in her article how companies market these products and how we as consumers fall for every trick and buy what is being sold. Spurlock explains, “They threw billions and billions of more dollars into making smoking look cool, hip, sexy and safe” (Spurlock 38).

Though many of these things being advertised, many of them we actually may need. But how much of them do we need? It makes one think if that feeling of “need” is actual or is it just the idea of having it that gets people’s attention. Spurlock states “In 2003, the auto industry spent $18. 2 billion telling us we need a new car, more cars, bigger cars. … The rate of increase in the number of cars, vans and SUVs for personal travel has been six times the rate of population increase”(Spurlock 40).

They are basically just trying to tell consumers what they think they need in order to live a happy life. But we as consumers must also take some sort of responsibility in these actions. Spurock writes “And the line between personal responsibility and corporate responsibility gets finer and blurred. Yes, you’re still responsible for your own life, your own health, your own happiness, But your desires, the things you want, the things you need that’s all manipulated by corporate advertising and marketing…”(Spurlock 41).

Though these companies play a big part in manipulating consumers into buying, they do not physically make people buy them. Companies should realize that changing one thing about something does not always make a big difference. Dickerman speaks on the prejudice put on restaurants that are in shopping malls. Are restaurants still considered sophisticated or independent if placed in a shopping mall? Dickerman states “My gut told me that people would feel odd about showing off for clients or proposing to a girlfriend at a mall” (Dickerman 43).

You sometimes mainly only find high end restaurants at malls that target high end customers. It makes one question if what and how we eat or buy is revelatory of our lifestyle. The manufactures of these restaurants felt that by having a separate entrance for the restaurant made it less apart of the actual mall. Spurlock points out “Often these restaurants are not isolated on the top floors of malls but have their own entrance on the street level, both providing street level advertising and establishing a psychological difference between the mall and the restaurant”(Dickerman 45).

People are somewhat being manipulated into thinking they are eating at some fancy high end place when in fact they’re no different from the people sitting in the food court eating taco bell. Today too many people are being manipulated by manufactures into buying their product or eating at their establishments. In the articles “Do You Want Lies with That? ” in Don’t Eat This Book by Morgan Spurlock and “Escalating Dining: Is Mall Food Becoming Class? Slate by Sara Dickerman both authors express their views on how in the effort to sale their products marketers will do the most in attracting consumers. Spurlock writes about how manufactures will spend billions of dollars in trying to get you to believe their product is what is best for you. Dickerman tells how by putting fancy restaurants in shopping malls does not make the element different. Both touch on how these companies are trying to sale this lifestyle to consumers and how the consumers are feeding into it all. Marketers clearly have somewhat of an influence over these consumers.

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