[Solved] essay example fahrenheit essay 11

The ending section Burning Bright, had so much detail and explained how the characters changed in the last few moments in the book, it was a very effective way to end this book. To start Montage was TABLE to remember where he met Mildred, and he realized how much he missed her now that she was gone. He pictured her looking into her hotel room’s parlor walls, staring at the walls when suddenly they go blank and turn into a mirror.

She saw her own reflection there, in a mirror instead of a crystal ball, it was a wildly empty eave, all by itself in the room, touching nothing and eating itself. “. As if in that half of a second before Mildred died, she figured out that the walls were nothing, they were not her family or her friends, just actors. This is effective because it shows how Mildred changed to even though it seemed she was crazy at the start, it showed another side to her and that she has feels that the readers haven’t seen until the very end of the book.

Another effective way to end the book was to link montage evil past of burning books with him now. The fire which symbolized how he was blind from knowledge, now represents something different, now that Montage is in the wild with his “smart hobos” the fire means food, warmth, and friends. This is an effective way to end the book because it showed how montage hasn’t just changed on his stance on book burning but also these men he just met are the first males( besides Faber) in the whole book that are friendly, willing to help him. Granger, one of the professors in Montage group talked about the phoenix.

The phoenix is a myth where the bird at an old age would jump into a fire and be reborn. This represents Montage very well. The old Montage is the older phoenix, the fire is Claries and the young phoenix is the present Montage. This also represents society as Granger said “But every time he burnt himself up he sprang out of the ashes, he got himself born all over again. It looks like we’re doing the same thing, over and over. “. Granger talks about how society has been rebuilt from rubble, like the dark ages into the renaissance.

That is hat is about to happen to society in this book. Granger and all the other old professors in the world are about to come back to the cities with their knowledge of books, it will be like another renaissance. This is important/ effective because it shows what the future will hold for montage after finishing this book imagined him going back into the city and reading books to survivors. The important thing is the story just doesn’t end right there it’s up to your imagination to see what Montage does in the city.

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