[Solved] freshmen blues

In Gerri Strumpf ‘s “A required course in Beating the Freshmen Blues” was basically about how freshmen try to over come the scariness of college. in this essay it basically explained that freshmen do not make it to the last year of college. They never get to graduate college. they basically get in a blue mood and never get out of it. But he explained in his essay how they did over come it by helping out freshmen, improving nothing and just doing useless classes, and then making the classroom sizes smaller.

The author first goes into explaining how the college all do the same things well they used to at least. The colleges did was “a semester-long course” which only helps with “improving their social skills and prevent them from quitting or transferring.” Well unfortunately it did help with those skills but did not help them academically. this is proven by “an estimate, about one-third of college freshmen nationally don’t return for their sophomore year.” The college had to find a better solution to connect with their student or it was going to mess with there money.

Secondly he explained how the colleges did not really do anything at first to help improve the freshmen blues. This was shown by student that attend stuff about ” skits that promote racial diversity and sexual health and discourage drinking,” So basically they care about the sexual health of students and basically discourage them from drinking. Nothing about really helping them through the freshmen blues.

Then lastly, the colleges are trying to make the classes smaller in size so it is more one on fifty then one on ninety students. So the students feel like they are someone instead of just a number in a lecture. This is mainly because “many universities simply can no longer afford to lose them.” also the universities are learning that “large collages are always accused of not paying enough attention to their students especially the new ones.” Since they can not lose anymore students they have made some improvements to the way they run their collages.

Since students are not graduating more are dropping out their sophomore year. Colleges are finding more ways to make college more enjoyable by
getting students involved with fairs and letting students know about educational seminars. Getting the students more involved with school is a better chance at success and a better future and education.

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