[Solved] how to bake a cake

Do you remember your first bite of a cake? The anticipation building up, the crazy thoughts of just eating the whole cake would come to mind. Wondering how anyone could make something beautiful, yet at the same time destroy it with your hunger. How weren’t the police called? A continuous stabbing and attacking was happening, and within minutes the cake will be long gone, only to see crumbs left at the crime scene. After eating the cake one thought comes to mind, how do I make one for myself? A cake can be eaten fast, but with time comes process, and with process comes hard work.

Baking a cake is no walk in the park; it involves preparation, safety, patience, and creativity. Without the proper ingredients and measurements a masterpiece can become a disaster. To begin the process a list of all the required ingredients should be made, now with the list a quick stop to the local grocery store. Upon on arriving double check and make sure everything is correct on the list. Such as; flour, eggs, baking powder, vegetable oil, pam, milk, butter, vanilla, icing, sugar, and coloring dye.

Now after collecting these items, it’s time to prepare for the baking of a masterpiece. Always start of by washing your hands when working with food products. A dirty cake isn’t a healthy cake. Once starting your cake make sure to pre-read the directions before beginning, because the final product can be perfect, but without one ingredient it can be a nasty taste in your mouth. Now begin with having the proper cake pans, with pam spayed throughout the pan to avoid stickiness. Layer the pan with ? a tablespoon of butter.

Next sprinkle a tablespoon of flour along the sides; this will help the cake to be more level. With your pans ready, it’s time to pre-heat the oven to the necessary temperature. The right temperature is a must! While your oven is pre-heating, you can use this time to measure your ingredients as accurately as possible. Such as; ? of butter, 1 ? cups of sugar, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, 2 teaspoons of vanilla, 4 large eggs, 2 ? cups of flour, and 1 cup of milk. Always begin by combing the dry ngredients together, then following by adding the wet ingredients. Make sure to beat and sift before adding to the main bowl. Now with the main bowl, mix with a mixer for about ten minutes. Make sure to stop and repeat, also get the siding to avoid lumps. A bubbly mix can cause holes in the cake, causing unevenness. Pursuing this further you can now lay out our prepared pans out. With the oven almost heated up add the mix 2/3 full. The heat will cause the mix to lift, any more than 2/3 the cake can over flow causing a hot mess.

Next, you can put the pan on top of the oven, a couple taps on the side is needed. To ensure no bubbles are in the pan. Furthermore the oven is finally heated, with caution you can now put the pan in the center rack. Close the oven door and immediately set the timer for the given time, which is 50 to 55 minutes. During this time period you can clean, because once your cake is done there are no worries about a dirty kitchen or dishes. Once the time is up carefully grab the pan out with gloves and let the cooling phase begin.

Generally a 20 min cool down process is needed for the cake to pre-soften for that perfect crisp top. Creativity is one of the best features in making a cake, time to grab the icing and dye. Lightly ice the cake with a rubber spatula, if needed dye the icing for a different color. Once your cake is iced another option is too add lettering or funny drawings, the texture and picturing adds a little spunk to your cake. To conclude the finishing of baking a cake, you can easily tell that making a cake can be very easy, but at the same time can be very difficult.

One error can lead to the whole process to be ruined. As you can see your cake is complete, the thought of the first bite comes back to mind. The feeling of accomplishment and sadness, your very own creation was about to be eaten. This first bite will always be a memory, because of the time and effort you put into your masterpiece. Just like life a simple thing like baking a cake is a process. Steps are made every day until we feel accomplished and get to the masterpiece. In other words life’s like a piece of cake, eat it!

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