[Solved] one good book

For a daily-grade assignment, read “One Great Book,” Pages 150-152, then write a summary-reaction to Stephanie Whipple’s account of her experience with literacy. Your summary should be at least one paragraph; your reaction should be at least one paragraph in which you discuss your own experience in comparison to hers. Did you have “one great book” that turned you on to reading? Did anyone instill a love of reading in you? Or is reading more of a pain than a pleasure? Be personal. Be descriptive. Turn this in double-spaced, typewritten.

“If you just find one book that you really love, you will love reading forever. I promise.” This is Stephanie Whipple’s saying t on growing a new attitude toward reading. Stephanie tells a story about how her passion for writing she possesses today didn’t always exist. She gives examples of negative experiences she has had with writing and explains how they are were at one point responsible for her distaste in the activity. The cause of her changed mind set was in result of a single good experience she had with the previously thought to of been “miserable” activity, hence the name “One great book”. Finding one book that intrigued Stephanie enough was all it took to make her an everyday reader. The same goes to me. When in my earlier years I hated reading. There were only two things I hated to do. Those two things were reading, and doing what someone told me to do. Hating a combination of the both you could see how the disposition with reading would subsist. It wasn’t until the summer going into middle school that I changed my ideals on the subject.

In the time of my pre-Junior high days, I was quiet the trouble maker. Enough trouble I that I was grounded consistently, and on most occasions extensively. Most of the time I would just play some Nintendo and it was no big deal, until the unfaithful day my mother confiscated my beloved gaming device. This obviously left me traumatized, and in a desperate search for some stimulation to keep from dying of boredom… I went to my book shelf. There I went through dozens of books, all bland and insignificant looking.
It wasn’t until I was about to give up and sneak on the TV that I found a book with a eye grabbing cover. The cover had 6 guys standing together, 50’s styled hair and clothes, and with a large print above the top it read, Outsiders.

If you don’t know anything about S.E Hintons book, The Outsiders. It is a story of a close group of friends in a gang named “The Greasers”. The Greasers hate the “Soc’es” and there is lots of fights and action. But most importantly I loved the characters. There was anywhere from Pony Boy, who I related to with he’s teenage problems involving girls, authority, and friends. Or Dallas Winston who I thought to be the ultimate badass being the stereotypical old school tough guy.

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