[Solved] parkour essay

Parkour Parkour is focusing on fast efficient forward motion with spatial awareness. He is running at a high rate of speed through the obstacles in his environment. The terrain of streets is the journey where he travels to get to his destination. Through leap he freefalls like a cat jumping from a tree. Landing without consequence. He captures every landing from a fall using his knees as shock absorbers, he spring back into a run. There has to be an adrenaline rush to keep moving, encouraging gradual improvement and growth. He run towards the edge of the building he was flying , if only for a few fleeting seconds.

When his hands clasp the very edge of rock he was dangling, but his arms exerted a vertical force along with his feet, he was able to complete his flight onto the ground. In another instance, his feet sails over the rail, body twisting like a pretzel, he catapulted from one ledge to another, landing gracely, only to keep running to the next complicating object in his way. If it is a 5 ft rock he climbs with all four limbs and jumps off of it landing with a thud to the ground. He is condition to a Martial arts style of discipline and philosophy.

However, he see his environment as his outdoor playgroud. All ungeared and without any protective wear. It’s big adventure story being created with every obstacle in the way. With acceleration he flys like a bird atop buildings to buildings without fear he takes the distance with a giant sprint, you watch with amazement seeing a human in the air, is he going to land, of course with grace he lets gravity bring him down at alarming speeds smooth and fluent his shoes makes contact with the ground 15 feet below. He breaks the impact this time with a roll down a grassy embankment under the freeway.

He jumps over a puddle to the stairwell, grabs ahold of the railing , and thrusts himself downward, hurdeling onto a concrete platform. He continues his journey by digging his feet into a metal wall, like spiderman, he scales across as if upright walking. This is urban Parkour. Moves that flow. Moving through the terrained environment in a calm fashion, not calculated or planned. Parkour is freely running with physical agility without fear to take the death defying leaps and jumps that would leave an onlooker breathless Parkour has to be full of confidence and awareness of the consequences.

Parkour, an activity that’s almost as hard to define skillfully as it is to do skillfully. Making moving through the city pushing your limits to do things you thought you couldn’t do. Not making any noise, leaving any skid marks, or interrupting anyone’s peace. Parkour finds new ways to express himself, creativity in every stunt, and believing in what to do is the most important point. Stopping only to wipe flecks of sweat or to re-tie his running shoes.

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