[Solved] should australia ban the burqa

As we all know, Burqa is a loose, usually black or light blue robe that is worn by Muslim women, especially in Afghanistan, and that covers the body from head to toe. The burqa is not force by the Islamic holy bible, Koran. It only say that, women and men have to wear modestly in the public. Women, especially, cannot show their body to a man, other than their husband. This is written in the Koran. In Qur’an Sura Nur Chapter: The Light.

Verse 31, “And say to the faithful women to lower their gazes, and to guard their private parts, and not to display their beauty except what is apparent of it, and to extend their headcoverings (khimars) to cover their bosoms (jaybs), and not to display their beauty except to their husbands. As we all know, Australia is such a proud multicultural country in the world. We came from different lands, from a different religious background and cultures. However, we all are united by the way of Australian and the language; otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to talk to some of you guys.

According to the 2006 census more than one fifth of the population were born overseas. [34] Furthermore, almost 50% of the population were either: 1. born overseas; or 2. had one or both parents born overseas. So, we can make see that Australia is such a multicultural country and we accept every religious, cultures and every people who needs help, we give them our hands. And we are proud of helping them and, i hope, we will continue helping people who needs help.

This issue had been argued since last year and many people suggest that Australia should ban the wearing of burqa. As for me, we should not ban the burqa but……. hy we shouldn’t ban the burqa? Well, first of all, people want to ban the burqa because it can be used criminals to disguises their identities. I can’t find who said this words on the paper or on the internet, so just assume i said it. If someone is wearing a burqa and enter to the small shops or banks, that, the shopkeeper or the security has the right to ask her or him to show their faces to protect from terrorist and criminal. They have a right to ask them to show them their face. And people are saying about the robbery in Sydney. Well, someone didn’t do what they should do. That’s the shopkeeper’s fault.

He didn’t do what he have to do and do not 100% complete his duty. Second of all, We, as a Christian view, should tolerate the wearing of the burqa. Why wouldn’t we tolerate the faithfulness to their religion and their modesty? If we ban the burqa it would appear as we attack the religious tolerance in Australia and the tradition. Why would we ban it, its their traditional clothes showing she is modest and loyal to her husband. Even some people in this country are wearing almost nothing. If we can tolerance the inappropriate clothes in our country why wouldn’t we tolerate the modesty of someone?

In this country, according to 2006 census, only 1. 7 percent are muslim and only a few of them have a tradition to wear burqa, especially Afghanistan and some middle eastern country. So, this much people are Muslim and only, i would say 10 % of them are wearing burqa. Even though some muslim women are freely to wear what they want, there are still some muslim women who chose to wear the burqa. And they are only a few people. We should not be copying other’s nation’s style and thought to ban the burqa. Mr Moselmane stated, ‘There is no urgency required to expedite further divisions amongst our harmonious multicultural community.

There is no urgency in spreading further fear and hatred in our community. There is no urgency for freedom of speech, expressions of individual rights to be trashed by this bill. ‘ Kuranda Seyit is the executive director of the Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations (FAIR) has stated, ‘The burqa is not common amongst Muslims, but for those who believe that they must wear it here in Australia, we cannot tell them what they can and cannot wear. If we ban the burqa, it can also take as attack on muslim women. For example, if we ban the burqa, as a muslim view, they might see it as attacking on the muslim world.

They could say that, even they don’t ban the bikini and other inappropriate clothes, why do they ban this? It’s our traditional clothes, and those bikini and other clothes are not tradition clothes. So, banning the burqa might appear as anti-muslim and like attacking them. Moreover, no law has enforced to ban the burqa. On the 8 of May, 2010, Mr. Kevin Rudd said that “there was no advice from law enforcement agencies to suggest that burqas needed to be banned”. We can’t a law ourselves just to ban the burqa. So, this is a clear messages that we can’t ban the burqa in terms of law.

And we don’t need to ban it. We are the nation which has a great proportion of multicultures and still tolerate at others religious and tradition. By denying this issue we can prove ourselves that we are the first class of the world at multicultural. The opposition has claimed that burqa encourage separatism and promote prejudice. Well, i think, muslim women would want to integrate with the western society in some ways. But i don’t think they would leave their tradition and wear as the western women do. This is totally hard for someone who will convert her or his culture to a new one.

As we all know those muslim country has a strong culture and tradition rule which is unable to disobeyed, by looking at their history. Burqa are not a restriction placed on women to limit their freedom. As we all know that some muslim women has right to choose to wear burqa or not. Now, i will tell u what comes after the but….. Even though this issue has been the worldwide issue, we, Australian, and muslin women can still compromise this issue and show our lovely multicultural culture to the world. We don’t want to ban the burqa but for security issue, we can surely compromise the problem.

Look, i am a Burmese and i’ve been here for one and a half year i respect the culture of Australia as my saviour country, however, i still celebrates my tradition festivals and still wear some of my cultural clothes. As immigrant, we all should respect the culture of the Australia but this country should also respect our culture, which we see beautiful and amazing, but this country might not see it lovely and might not amaze them. We can negotiate some little problems between us. Let keep painting the colour of this beautiful country. Advance Australia Fair.

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