[Solved] the behaving brain

The Behaving Brain: Video Response

The video put the chapter into visual perspective for me in terms of learning about our brain structure and it’s different parts. The video describes the three important jobs our neurons do: receive information from other cells, process information, and transmit it to the rest of the body. Without our neurons we would have no brain activity. All behavior begins with an action from a neuron. First the brain gathers information from the receptors and spread it around it’s branch fibers, or dendrites.

Next the information is sent to the soma, the neurons cell body, where it is combined with other information. Finally, the entire input is passed along within the axon in form of nerve impulses. It’s fascinating to learn that no neurons actually ever touch; they send messages across the synaptic gap, called neurotransmitters. Nerve impulses and transitive chemicals give our human behavior its complexity psychologists and scientists have been studying for ages. Our brain regulates our metabolism, temperature, respiration, and allows us to learn, remember, and decide. The brain uses all it’s parts reacting as a complete part of the nervous system. The brain stem connects the brain to the nerves and spinal cord and is the center for basic life support –breathing, beating of the heart, walking, and sleeping.

The cerebellum controls our poster and body movement. Conclusively the limbic system balances our temperature, blood pressure, emotions, and sexual desire. We would not be able to complete these necessary unconscious tasks without the amygdala, hippocampus, hypothalamus, and the thalamus. Our cerebrum is the largest part of our brains. This is where our nerve impulses are translated into words and ideas. The outer layer of the cerebrum is the cortex, the center of thought, perception, and the integration of all responses and sensation. Without the video I honestly don’t think I would’ve been able to explain ANY of the brain functions just by reading the chapter. I honestly love these awesome videos I don’t know what I’d do without them! I related the point the video made about endorphins to my life due to the significance endorphins really have on my body and I never realized it until now. For example, when playing in the snow I’m so excited I completely forget how cold I really am.

Or after working out I instantly get put in a better mood. I never gave this much thought till now and I’m thinking the brain has to be the most interesting part of our anatomy. I found the computer techniques that can tell if a person is an alcoholic, manic depressant, or schizophrenic so interesting. These tests can even see if you could have dementia, Alzheimer’s, or a brain defect later in the future as well. I think it would so cool to test my brain activity on one of those machines. I also find the EEG tests to calculate activity by neurons in the cortex very interesting. E. Roy John, the director of the main research laboratories in New York, studies neurometrics that is the precise electoralphysical measurement of neural functioning. The information is color-coded; every individual’s electrical activity is measured by color on a computer. Earthy green means normal. If there is an abnormal activity in the brain the color is red, the more abnormal the brighter the color going up to orange. If there is a deficiency in activity or if the brain is lacking something, it appears blue. And finally abnormalities, such as depression or dementia, come up as blotches of color in different regions.

I am a bit confused about the theory neuroscientists are studying that everything the brain does is ultimately explainable by biological and chemical events taking place within it. The brain altogether is a very confusing part of our body and can change states in an instant. My question is, how are patients with amnesia or schizophrenia really studied and how could a scientist find treatment for people with scary psychological disorders?

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