[Solved] the go giver 2

Although Joe had followed all of the rules, he was still having trouble seeing where this would lead him. Poniard realized that Joe still thought along the rules he learned growing up, rules like, “It Is better to give than to receive. ” Poniard points out that it is insane to try to give and not receive. Poniard presented the final law to Joe, The Law of Receptivity, which states, “The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving. ” As they finished their lunch, Joe was finally able to see that the “mystery” Friday guest had been Poniard all along.

As Joe came back to the office to try to do anything he could to meet his quota before the end of the day, Joe found Gus at his office. Joe discussed the last law with Gus because he was having a hard time understanding how any of the laws would do him any good if it did not get him anywhere. Joe was open to receiving and completing the last of his homework, but he could only receive if someone offered something to him. Joe decided to stay late and send Gus home (showing how he had changed within the past week from a go-getter, to a go-giver, he let Gus leave instead of himself.

Typically Joe would not be at work at 5 on a Friday, but since he was a go-giver, he found himself there when his phone rang. The laws Joe put into place throughout the week had come back to help him complete the last law of receiving. Neil Hansen, a fellow who De Barnes (see law 1), had referred back to Joe because he did not have the capacity to handle the account. Neil needed a firm to help put together a rebinding effort on hotels, with the major concession they needed to find someone with connections to high quality, high volume premium coffee In Just a few weeks.

Joe had made numerous connections throughout the week, and looking back he realized the connections he made and laws he applied all lead to this one moment. He was able to call upon Rachel and her coffee connections to not only give her the opportunity to branch out with her own business, but he would give to her, which left himself open to receive reward In return. Joe, Rachel, Neil Hansen and others were able to grow Earache’s Famous Coffee into a mega business that spanned international waters.

Joe had become so big In his Industry; he was now considered the big nana that he previously was just trying to meet. Joe did not let the success change him, but rather he continued to apply the laws he learned from Poniard and maintained his go-giver attitude. When a young freelancer who was the equivalent of Joe ten months earlier came to Joe looking to be part of a deal Earache’s Famous Coffee had going on. While Joe did not give her the position she was originally looking for, he did make her an offer for an even bigger world.

Claim was flatter, but confused by how Joe was able to make these opportunities happen. Instead of answering Éclair’s question, Joe asks, “Have you ever been to leafage’s? It’s our favorite. There is someone I would like you to meet there. ” We are able to see that Joe continues to use the laws he learned less than a year ago, and is now passing on the information to others. The book can be thought of as a giant circle if those who learn the laws continue to pass along the information. To give is to be open to receive, and once you receive, you are to give again. One continuous circle.

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